En Prison Rules for Roulette

If you wagered on any even-money bet (red/black, odd/even. hi/lo), and the ball lands in the green Zero, then your bet is "imprisoned". This will allow you to get half your stake back.

This nifty rule cuts the house edge to 1.35% when betting on even money bets. Think of it like this, bet on both red and black. You will on most spins just break even. However on the 1/36 times it lands in zero you only lose half your stake rather than the full amount.

Because this rule essentially gives the player an an advantage, it is not often implemented,

The only table we know of that offers En Prison for Online roulette is Pinnacle Casino. From their rules section.

If you wagered on any even-money bet, AND the ball landed in the single Zero, then your bet is "imprisoned".

With an imprisoned bet, you have two options:

  1. You can remove the bet, in which case half the bet amount is returned.

  2. You can "let it ride".  If an imprisoned bet is included in the next spin of the wheel ...

    • ... and the bet wins, the bet amount is returned.

    • ... and the bet loses, you lose your bet amount.

    • ... and the next spin is also single Zero, half the bet amount is returned.

There is a very similar rule called, le partage. This offers the same house edge reduction but does not give you the option to let the bet ride. You just get half your stake back.

Which Casino offers these better odds

Metro casino offer le partage.  From the help pages, When the winning number is zero:

  • wagers placed on zero or a combination of zero with 1, 2, and/or 3 shall win at odds in accordance with Rule 3;
  • half of each wager on any even money chance (positions J, K and L, as described in rule 3) shall be lost and the remaining half shall be returned to the player; and
  • the whole of all other wagers shall be lost.

Play Roulette with half money back on green at Metro Casino

Casinos we have asked about En Prison Rules and do not offer them are, Ladbrokes Casino, Bluesquare Casino, Virgin Casino, Paddypower Casino and Bet365 casino.

If you know of any other casinos that offer the En Prison rule then please get in touch.