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High Stakes Roulette

Roulette is most fun when played for high stakes.  The typical land casino may have a table limit of £500.  On the internet this is much more.  A single casino does run the risk of going bankrupt if someone is exceptionally lucky.  There have been stories of people winning the house.

Online this is different.  Online casinos have many more players than the biggest land casino could dream of.  Having all these players makes it practically impossible for them to lose from allowing people to have super high stakes on roulette.

This means you can win big online.  Bet Victor Casino offer a high roller table where you can bet a cool eigth of a million pounds on a table.  You would have to cover every bet with the maximum allowed.  It would be foolish to bet all this though as the casino will win with the house edge.

Still, they allow you to place £250 on a single number (returns £9000),  up to £2500 on an outside 2/1 bet (returns £7500) and a max of £5000 on a even money bet (Red/ Black, Odd/ Even, High/ Low) Play Roulette Now for high stakes

So if you looking for high stakes roulette you can find it at Bet Victor Casino.  Bet Victor Casino is part of the VC Gaming group.  Its one of the most reputable names in British Bookmaking.

If Live Roulette is your thing then Bet Victor Casino has a mega high stakes roulette table too. You can bet from £2 up to £5000 on an even odds bet. As this includes French Roulette, you get half money back on green. Ideal if you are trying out a system or just a high roller that like the thrill.

Casinos rarely go bankrupt but if you are playing for such high stakes, you could potentially bankrupt a small online casino.  Can't remember where I read this, its a motto for some bookmaker online but its sweat the bet not the payout.  With Bet Victor Casino you know your money is safe.

High Stakes Roulette table - £125,000 table limit Victor Chandler Live CasinoVictor Chandler Live Casino

They offer a 100% match bonus up to £175 to get you started. On top of that, Bet Victor Casino offer a regular players bonus so you get paid for playing. If you are a high roller then you will rack up those loyalty points in no time. If you play a lot then you will get VIP status where they will give you a VIP casino manager and corporate hospitality. Get up to £3000 a week in casino bonuses.

There is a no download version so you can play instantly and anywhere. CLICK HERE

Sky Vegas Roulette

Another good option for high stakes roulette is Sky Vegas. Part of the BSkyB Corporation, this is a reputable as you can get. They have a table with 1p stakes all the way up to £5000 a spin. This is great for people who play systems. For example, you can go almost 20 rounds on the martingale before you hit the house limit.

Round Bet Round Bet Round Bet
1 £0.01 8 £1.28 15 £163.84
2 £0.02 9 £2.56 16 £327.68
3 £0.04 10 £5.12 17 £655.36
4 £0.08 11 £10.24 18 £1310.72
5 £0.16 12 £20.48 19 £2621.44
6 £0.32 13 £40.96 20 £5242.88
7 £0.64 14 £81.92 21

High Stakes Roulette for US players

Unfortunately, VC does not accept American players. If you want to bet big on roulette and live in the USA, then you really can only go to Bodog casino. The $500 bet limit pales in comparison to the VC Bet limit but at least Bodog accept USA Players. Sign up here



Be careful though.  With high stakes roulette you can lose really big too. You could play 10p roulette if you haven't got the funds